24 Human Faces Breathing in Worldly Objects: Pareidolia Effect

By on November 19, 2013

There are thousands of things breathing in the worldly objects but we never noticed……the most amazing ones are the human faces smiling in these known objects. These faces exhibit a number of feelings just like smiling, anger, aggression, sadness or amazed. However, when someone goes through these worldly objects with such perspective then this psychological phenomenon is called pareidolia effect–  it means a human psycho which explores something entirely new in the things which can’t be even related to the realism of these objects;  seeing faces in moon, clouds or smoke are the best examples of this Pareidolla effect.

But never think that only psycho persons are caught in such kind of situation. Sometimes many discover human faces in everyday objects and some even use it as a big tool of advertisement.  For example, carmakers are greatly aware of this propensity of folks and they just use human faces for the ads of their cars. A famous car critic Dan Neil “sometimes they play toward it, and sometimes they play against it.”

Moreover, the people who are masters of their imagination and thinking powers can easily discover living things in dead objects. Painters, artists, poets and philosophers have wilder mind’s eye. Leonardo Da Vinci once noted that when an artist is preparing for painting some scene, he has powers of visualizing it on any surface.

Last but not least, when you see any beautiful girl dancing in the wondering smoke, don’t think yourself a psycho, it is more than a gift for you …..you have more imagination powers than others…great!

1- OMG……House:

Faces in Wordly Objects-1

Wout (eworm on Flickr)

2- Three Sinful Planners:

Faces in Wordly Objects-2

redsoxfanumero1 on Reddit

3- The Duck Faced Church:

Faces in Wordly Objects-3

lighthugger on Reddit

4- Boxes or The Gangsters

Faces in Wordly Objects-4

Barbara Dunkelman | @Blawndee on Twitter

5- Zipper-The Fish

Faces in Wordly Objects-5

Andreas (raumoberbayern on Flickr)

6- An Angry Boxer

Faces in Wordly Objects-6

boredboarder8 on Reddit

 7- A Cheeze Lover:

Faces in Wordly Objects-7

Paul Galvin on Flickr

8- Suspicious One:

Faces in Wordly Objects-8

Sergio Morchon (Dr. Jaus on Flickr)

9- Moody the Banjo

Faces in Wordly Objects-9

Gemma Wilson on Flickr

10- Avatar in the Sky

Faces in Wordly Objects-11

11- Oeeeeeeeee………………………

Faces in Wordly Objects-12

mulletarian on Reddit

12- A Romantic Couple

Faces in Wordly Objects-13

Alain Sadun (*naigiri on Flickr)

13- The Protesters

Faces in Wordly Objects-14

Pray_IV_Reign on Reddit

14- Shoddy the Great

Faces in Wordly Objects-15

Stella Stenroos on Flickr

15- The Watchman

Faces in Wordly Objects-16


16- Droooooool

Faces in Wordly Objects-17

jdiknight02 on Reddit

17- Angery  Oldman

Faces in Wordly Objects-18

Donkeyslapper84 on Reddit

18-  Tip Tip Tip….the Weeping Boy

Faces in Wordly Objects-19

iamterris on Flickr

19- Wildest Train in Motion

Faces in Wordly Objects-20

xgloryfades on Reddit

20-  Oh No……………

Faces in Wordly Objects-21

zarx on Reddit

21-  Let Me Smile

Faces in Wordly Objects-22

Eva-Lotta Lamm (evalottchen on Flickr)

22-  Monkey with Running Nose

Faces in Wordly Objects-23


23- Snowman

Faces in Wordly Objects-24

Numbet on Reddit

24-  Hurrah: I Can Fly Too

Faces in Wordly Objects-25


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