4G Retina Display New iPad Sets New Records of “Weekend” Sales! Tim Cook

By on March 19, 2012

Apple iPad is the device which has dominated the tech market just after its first debut in 2010. Then iPad 2 came with same glorious record sales for first week…..and today Apple CEO proudly told the world in a conference call that the their new iPad has set   new records of “weekend” sales. Though, the company did not disclose the exact number of new iPad units Apple sold out in first week of its debut.

new ipad-Apple


Apple’s iPad has made such a glorious dominance and pride in the gadget world that nobody can believe it was first introduced two years ago….its 3rd generation new iPad is the victorious one with a few vibrant features- 4G LTE Connectivity, A5X processor, ultra high resolution retina display, 5 Megapixel rear camera and….much more that a tablet lover can expect. With these remarkable improvements, new iPad is coming close to a larger version of Apple’s iPhone- a smartphone which is also a supreme and unparalleled device in the tech markets all around the world.

Apple’s new iPad is even pushing back the laptops and desktop PCs due to its portability and functionality. It has proved as a revolutionary device which is now being used in almost every field of life. From hospitals to airlines and from education to gaming, iPad is smiling there with all of its beauties and technical features.

At first, it was suggested that Apple’s iPad is not a convincing device in the presence of light and chic Macbook laptops and only those will adopt this tablet who have enough money to spend on luxury items. But with the passage of time, now all tech experts believe that iPad is the gadget of the day and the future too, of course.



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