7-inch “Amazon Kindle” Tablet to Release in October for $250 only! Early Mockup Available Here

By on September 3, 2011


Yeah! Amazon’s low price tablet is not only a dream, it is real. ……a real tablet to come in your hands within a few months since a writer at TechCrunch claims to have put his hands on the long-rumored Amazon tablet out for a test drive.

And for your surprise, this  7-inch tablet would be called “Amazon Kindle” , would have backlit and would be absolutely a low price tablet available for $250- that is half the price of an entry-level iPad.

TechCrunch’s MG Siegler wrote in one of his recent posts;

“Not only have I heard about the device, I’ve seen it and used it,”

Siegler also reported that Amazon Kindle tablet is expected to be released at the end of November, equipped with a full-color touch screen. The said Amazon tablet would run a version of the Android operating system fully customized by Amazon.

According to the report , the main screen will feature a carousel-type interface showing all the content available on the device from apps to books to movies ,completely  integrated with Amazon services.

Notably, the music player would be Amazon’s Cloud Player, the book reader would be  Kindle app and the movie player would be its own Instant Video player.

For launching this tablet, Amazon did not work with Google since Amazon’s own app store would enrich the tablet.

The device would come with a 6 GB of storage and would occupy a form factor just like a Blackberry PlayBook.

Forrester Research comments that Amazon would succeed to sell out 3 million to 5 million units of the tablets until the end of 2011 if all the rumors about the quality and price are fairly true. The Amazon Kindle tablet would be a real killer of the Apple iPad with its very low price and high quality features.

Here is the mockup of the Amazon Kindle Tablet just posted by TechCrunch on the basis of the Siegler’s report;

Amazon Kindle Tablet-Mockup

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