Aaron Sorkin Will Pen Screenplay for Sony’s “Steve Jobs” Movie?

By on October 25, 2011

Steve Jobs-Aaron Sorkin

As reported earlier, Sony was in efforts to acquire rights for featuring Steve Jobs life and work in the form of a movie, just like their smashing hit Facebook-based “Social Network” with Aaron Sorkin- an Academy Award winning screenwriter, producer and playwright. Now Sony has purchased copy rights of Walter’s “Steve Jobs”- a biographical book on Apple’s late co-founder/ Pixer executive and wants again Aaron Sorkin to write the screenplay of the movie on Steve Jobs bio, as reported by Slashfilm.

The big movie blog cited an LA Times report for their story about continued negotiations between Sony & Sorkin for screenplay of amovie on Steve Jobs life. They also described that screenwriter was still considering the prospect of the project and yet not agreed to sign up for it. Interestingly, both Sony and Sorkin’s agent have straightly declined to pass any comment on the matter.

Aaron Sorkin, the screenwriter of “Social Network” & “Moneyball” like hit movies on world’s tech giants, seems the best choice for portraying Apple’s late Steve Jobs life, work and achievements on silver screen.

Notably, The Social Network writer has feel a pretty enough connection to this suggested movie as  Steve Jobs have personally asked him to write a movie for his animated movie studio Pixar.  At that time, Sorkin refused to pick up Jobs’ project commenting that he couldn’t “make inanimate objects talk”, but now it is a good opportunity for him to feature Steve Jobs life as  described in Isaacson’s biography already  number one in Amazon’s bestseller chart.

Sorkin is supposed to be “one of the writers being courted by producers” but is included in top studio’s wishlist according to a source well close to the matter.

Noah Wyle-Steve Jobs

Who would play for Steve Jobs in the Sony’s movie?  Noah Wyle has already played the role of Steve Jobs in a popular TV film “Pirates of Silicon Valley”. Jobs was much impressed by his acting and he invited him to reprise his role at Macworld New York in 1999.

However, Ashton Kutcher might be another good choice  for portraying Steve Jobs in Sony’s movie about Jobs.

iSteve-Sony Pictures-Steve Jobs

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