Ac1dRa1n : Jailbreak iOS 4.3 Tethered with a New Jailbreak Tool Ac1dRa1n by PwnDev Team!

By on March 25, 2011

Wow! What a unique name for a new jailbreak tool that looks apparently AcidRain but in actual it is Ac1dRa1n just like Geohot’s fantastic Limera1n & Blackra1n jailbreak tools. This newly designed jailbreak tool is developed by a new hacking team named PwnDev Team which is  trying its best to go beyond the limits in jailbreak paddock-full of dangers.

ac1dra1n-Jailbreak Tool-iOS 4.3

Ac1dRa1n is a jailbreak tool which cans easily jailbreak Apple’s most advanced iOS 4.3 firmware tethered. The beauty of the Ac1dRa1n is its one click workability similar to GreenPois0n- a jailbreak solution for your iOS devices brought by Chronic Dev Team.

It would be also interesting for your kind knowledge that Ac1dRa1n makes use of some lines from Greenpois0n’s source, so can be easily used for executing RAMDISKS.

PwnDev Team has also promised that Ac1dRa1n will be released soon and will surely be tethered as usual. Moreover it will be equipped with Qu1ckboot which will boot tethered with just a single Click.

The most prominent feature of this new jailbreak tool Ac1dRa1n will be its availability for both Windows and Mac users at a time on its debut day unlike other jailbreak tools which are first launched for Mac OS X users and then come for Windows users at their launching day.

We think that someone is trying to just get popularity with the announcement of Ac1dRa1n Jailbreak tethered tool but if it is not a fake announcement,  they will soon be there smiling with it at their Twitter Page. We will follow them continuously and inform you accordingly if something new comes out to the surface.

However PawnDev Team hates the folks who call them fake and express their wish to keep jailbreak going beyond this generation;

Ac1dRa1n-Jailbreak Tool-iOS 4.3-PwnDev Team

PwnDev Team also says that Ac1dRa1n would not be for jailbreaking iPad 2 since they are getting no way to beat its highly secured firmware yet.

Finally, there is no any connection between PwnDevTeam and iPhone Dev-Team or Chronic Dev Team. The members of PwnDevTeam as per their Twitter Page are:  @Gr0undbreak1ng, @P01sonN1nja, @IP4pwn, @iJailSnowBreak, @SwampFox56.

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