Alas! No iPad 3 Until 2012

By on April 12, 2011

We have earlier suggested why next generation iPad 3 is necessary for Apple to come to the tech surface for vanishing  the deficiencies found in iPad 2. We have also reported about the speculations of the rise of iPad 3 in upcoming fall 2011 when iPad 2 magic would be almost near to die. But now it seems that we would find no iPad 3 until 2012. Alas! The running year would pass away without chic iPad 3.

ipad 3-rumors-release-apple

It has been reported by a well reputed tech site Digitimes; its repot refers to the sources inside component suppliers for Apple products and it reads that Apple still looks impassive to provide any information about next generation iPad 3. From this reason, Digitimes deduces that 2011 would not see the elegant face of iPad 3 and Apple would be able to launch its next generation iPad 3 until next year 2012, most likely.

The sources pointed out that they have not yet received any notice for next generation iPad products and do not believe iPad 2 is a transitional product. With iPad 2′s strong shipment order forecast from Apple, the sources believe iPad 3 will not appear in the short term.

Via: Digitimes

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