American Judge Suggests Apple to Shake Hand with Korean Samsung for Global Peace in Tech Arena

By on December 8, 2012

Apple vs Samsung is the biggest dilemma of today’s tech world that sees it anxiously as both tech giants are wasting their time and bucks on patent lawsuits against each other instead of spending their resources for R&D work to introduce more innovative and handy devices. Despite of denial of making any sort of Apple-HTC like licensing agreement from Samsung, an American judge just suggests Apple to shake hand with Korean Samsung for global peace in tech arena.

Apple Samsung-Shake Hand

Actually, one California judge Lucy Koh requested the both tech rivals, Apple and Samsung, to make an agreement to end the biggest patent war of the ear and to bring global peace in tech arena. He made this appeal in the court where the South Korean smartphone maker asked for removal of its $1.05 billion patent-infringement fine and Apple argued for increasing penalty on Samsung.


FT reports that Koh told both Apple and Samsung;

“I think it’s time for global peace.

If there is any way this court can facilitate some sort of resolution, I’d like to do that. I think it would be good for consumers and good for the industry.”

What was the response of lawyers of both companies on Koh’s request? The report from FT didn’t mention it at all.

Conversely, Samsung was looking confident in the court when it asked Koh that the penalty’s estimation should be in accordance with device-by-device ruling of the jury’s decision.

On the other hand, Apple advocated Koh to put Samsung’s claim in fire rather than calling it “appropriate”. 

During hearing of  this interesting patent lawsuit the smartphone maker requested the court to also set the jury’s decision aside that makes the neutrality of the foreman, Velvin Hogan.

Apple also declared that the $1 billion penalty against Samsung was a “slap on the wrist” and argued in the court for nailing on $500 million.

Koh postponed her ruling “at a later date”, as noted by TechCrunch.

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via: iDB

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