Apple’s Next Generation iPad 2 Screen Protectors Show a Portrait Front Facing Camera

By on February 18, 2011
First images of iPad 2-5

We have been waiting for the Apple’s next generation iPad-ipad2 since a few months. We have reported a lot of rumors/speculations and news from its release date to its major features in our previous posts. But Apple is still utmost quiet to unveil any feature which they are going to add in iPad 2 or even to say something for the launching date of iPad 2. However, we are quite sure that iPad 2 will have a front facing camera too.

First images of iPad 2-5

Now the question of the placement of front facing camera on the cute face of iPad 2 arises. Many thanks to 9to5 folks who have just published some images of iPad 2 screen protectors to give us a fine clue. As per these images, the front facing camera will be spotted at the top mid of the iPad 2 screen.

iPad2-Front facing camera

As the images display, the claim from the sources seems true; that the front facing camera on the next generation iPad-2 will be spotted at portrait poison.

iPad2-Front facing camera-1

Some images of upcoming iPad 2 protector also suggest that the next iPad 2 would probably be slightly taller and narrower than the present model of iPad.

Finally, the iPad 2 may be released in the first or second week of coming April According t the latest news about the launching date of Apple’s next generation iPad 2. Though, the news which read that Apple has started the production of iPad 2, have come out, we have not even a single official word by Apple yet for the launching date of iPad 2.

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