Apple 64 GB Next Generation iPhone 5 to Get 24nm Toshiba SmartNAND Flash Memory

By on April 6, 2011

The rumors dancing on tech floors on the lyrics of Apple Next Generation iPhone 5 now include another beat; Toshiba SmartNAND- Toshiba’s next-generation 24-nanometer (nm) NAND Flash Memory which has just been announced by Toshiba.

iPhone 5-SmartNAND-64 GB-Toshiba

The SmartNand Memory series incorporates leading-edge 24nm process NAND flash technology with a control chip to support ECC (Error Correction Code) and it is available in storage capacities ranging from 4 to 64 GB.

Toshiba’s new SmartNAND 24nm Flash Memory  is a true alternate of existing 32nm generation devices. It is much efficient than its other competitors due to its most advanced technology which provides a faster read and write speeds and enhances overall performance in combination of its faster controller and internal interface.

Toshiba-SmartNAND Flash Memory-Features

SmartNAND Flash Memory has been well optimized to achieve design objectives. It also supports a range of read and write speeds including four read modes and two write modes accordingly.

At present, preview models of new SmartNAND Flash Memory by Toshiba are available while its production at large scale will start in 2Q of current fiscal year 2011.

Toshiba-SmartNAND Flash Memory-launching schedule

Mass production of the 24nm SmartNAND Flash Memory of 64 GB capacity is not possible till third quarter of 2011; that is why iPhone 5 would be launched in upcoming fall, as most tech sites are arguing.

Via: electronista


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