Apple Airs New iPhone 4S/Siri TV Ads Featuring Actor John Malkovich: ‘Life’ & ‘Joke’

By on May 24, 2012

Apple has realized the fact that TV ads featuring popular celebrities capture more attention and consideration as these are viewed in more numbers than the plain ads convincing folks with the features of a product only. The company got this realization from the massive popularity of its last celebrity ads starring Samuel L. Jackson and Zooey Deschanel. Today, Apple aired two new celebrity Ads dubbed as ‘Life’ and ‘Joke’ featuring world renowned actor whose unique acting style is loved by everybody interested in movies and TV series.

Siri-iPhone 4S

Malkovich: Life.

Siri: Try and be nice to people. Avoid eating fat. Read a good book every now and then. Get some walking in. And try to live together in peace and harmony with people of all creeds and nations.

Malkovich: That’s pretty spectacular advice, actually. Thank you. I enjoyed this chat immensely. You are very eloquent.

Siri: That’s nice of you to say.

Interestingly enough, the query that Malkovich conceives – ‘Life’– extracts a number of sundry responses from Siri, including:


“I Kant answer that. Ha ha!”

“It’s nothing Nietzsche couldn’t teach ya.”

Life: the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.”

“I don’t know. But I think there’s an app for that.”

“I can’t answer that now, but give me some time to write a very long play in which nothing happens.”

“I find it odd that you would ask this of an inanimate object.”

“That’s easy… it’s a philosophical question concerning the purpose and significance of life or existence in general.”

“Life: a principle or force that is considered to underlie the distinctive quality of animate beings. I guess that includes me.”

“A movie.”

“I give up.”

The other TV ad aired today by Apple dubbed as ‘Joke’ also focuses on iPhone 4S exclusive feature Siri‘s capabilities;

Advertising tracking firm Ace Metrix has already confirmed that Apple’s celebrity ads got higher scores and liked by the majority of viewers than any other iPhone 4S ad pushed out by Apple so far this year.

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