Apple to Drop Mac Pro From its Macs Product Line? Future of Mac Pro Looks Dark!

By on November 1, 2011

Apple-Mac Pro

Though Intel’s upcoming Sandy Bridge E Xeon processor have been pushed out, still Apple is dead quiet to say even a single word about its Mac Pro update. Notably, Apple last updated its Mac Pro model back in 2010. So while the new CPU option is available now, Apple is reportedly “questioning” the future of next Mac Pro line. We would perhaps never see Mac Pro updated models as Apple to drop Mac Pro from its Macs product line, as reported by AppleInsider, today.

Although the Mac maker has reportedly developed a revision to the existing Mac Pro that may or may not see the light of day, people familiar with the matter said management as far back as May of 2011 were in limbo over whether to pour any additional resources into the product line.

According to these people, the consensus among sales executives for the Cupertino-based company was that the Mac Pro’s days — at least in its current form — were inevitably numbered. In particular, internal discussions were said to focus around the fact that sales of the high-end workstations to both consumers and enterprises have dropped off so considerably that the Mac Pro is no longer a particularly profitable operation for Apple.

The reliable source to the site hints that Intel’s newly introduced Thunderbolt connectivity standard has made its way to all of Apple’s Mac products, so those products have gotten a considerable boost in performance and are now able to perform all those tasks that were previously specific to Mac Pro.

The continuous decline in  Apple’s Mac business from 70% (in 2000) to  less than 30% today due to users increasing interest in notebooks and a lift in the business of Apple’s other Mac products have dually impacted on the popularity of Mac Pro line turning it into a minor portion of the overall business.

All these information resulted in the rise of speculations suggesting that Apple would like to offer highly improved models of its iMac or Mac mini products rather than going to release Mac Pro update in order to satisfy the folks who love the powers of Mac Pro.

However, it is a fact that those machines with smaller form factor are quite unable to have some specific Mac Pro’s features. Apple still seems to have a belief that only Thunderbolt could boost the functionality of its other Macs than Mac Pro.

Via: AppleInsider

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