Apple Fans Start Lining Up for “new iPad” outside Apple Stores!

By on March 13, 2012

Apple’s new products or updates are taken as hot and amazingly delicious cakes in the U.S. and U.K alongside some other countries like China, Italy and Brazil. The company has already announced that its 3rd generation new iPad will be launched first in the U.S on March 16, even though Apple fans have started lining up outside some of Apple’s retail stores and flagship locations in the U.K- London.

new ipad-line up

new ipad-line up-1

Moreover, it is still going on so in spite of Apple’s declaration that the company has run short of new iPad supplies since their first and second batch of pre-orders with the online store have been already sold out and now the new iPad will be shipped in two to three weeks. In other words Apple fans will only be able to just hold a new iPad by queuing in line as Apple says that the sales of new iPad have been ‘off the charts’.

The above photos have been just posted by SlashGear which shows two hardcore iPad extremists Ali and Zohaib sitting outside Apple’s Regent Street store in London today.

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