Apple “iBox”: The Classic Concept and Renderings of Apple iTV by an Artist!

By on November 12, 2011

Apple Television set “iTV” is now a matter of months since apple is delicately working to put its feet in the profitable TV market worldwide. The Steve Job’s biography discloses that Jobs was much interested in discovering something called new and fresh to introduce the company’s very first television set and the he found something really fresh and wowed with “finally I cracked TV”.  So Apple “iTV” is now in queue and is expected to come in late 2012 with internal Apple TV software.

iBox_ iTV_ Apple

How the Apple TV set would look like? The  iTV concepts and renderings are now hitting web to impress Apple fans looking for Jobs’ loved TV set. The latest concept comes from ADR Studio that is a set top box and tablet combo called the iBox.

iBox_ iTV_ Apple-1

The artist sees the “iBox” a Siri enabled television gathering all the recent features of Apple TV, though it is still a mystery whether it would replace or work with existing set top box. Although to substitute the cable box, Apple would have deal with the cable companies; that doesn’t looks possible.

iBox_ iTV_ Apple-4

In the artist’s mind, the tablet part of the combo is would be a touch screen device that controls the part attached to the TV. Moreover, the speakers on each side of the device, you’d stream what’s on your tablet to your TV and vice versa.

The concept also highlights another new faeture “iMove” which reflects that iBox would also be a device like Microsoft Kinect to respond on your body movements.

iBox_ iTV_ Apple-5

Though, iBox is just the imagination of an artist and is a classic concept for Apple TV set yet it reflects some top quality possible features to be expected for the device.

We think if Apple TV set “iTV” would be like “iBox” in appearance and look and featuring Siri like high quality software with iCloud functionality…Apple TV set would really crack the TV world whether it is named “iTV” or ‘iBox” what so ever.


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