Apple iCloud Pricing: Initially iCloud would Free then $25/Year.

By on June 3, 2011

Here are some new details about Apple iCloud just before the start of WWDC 2011, from our friends at LATimes ; Apple iCloud would offer the iTunes users to save their music files in new cloud based Music Locker and to listen them from any browser or Apple iOS devices. And the most important aspect of Apple iCloud Pricing for its usage; Apple would initially offer a free trail of its iCloud for the guys who buy music from iTunes and then would provide its services for $25/year.

Apple Music Locker-iTunes Cloud

The company plans to eventually charge a subscription fee, about $25 a year, for the service. Apple would also sell advertising around its iCloud service.

The LATimes also describes that Apple would also make its iCloud a commercials based service by selling advertisements too. However, it is not obvious yet about the work frame of advertisements and whether advertisement would be shown only for the users enjoying free iCloud, or for the paid customers too.

It is also being reported that Apple would not constraint its iCloud for music albums only; it would extend iCloud Music Locker to movies, TV shows and other digital stuff.

Now we would have to just wait for WWDC 2011 where Steve Jobs would again on job to deliver its keynote  with new iOS 5, Mac OS X Lion and iCloud, indeed.

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