‘How Apple Are You?’ Interesting Infographic Estimates your Degree of Loyalty with Apple

By on March 14, 2013

Apple is the top most company in the world that has a vast base of billions of loyal fans and users. Apple fans believe that their selection is matchless and their vendor is more innovative and powerful than any other firm on the globe. They like their Macs and iOS devices, love their echo- system and worship Apple as loyal devotees. But is there any tool to measure the degree of their affection and love with Apple?


“How Apple Are You?” is, of course, a set of questions to measure ones loyalty to Apple. This interesting inorganic is quite useful in evaluating your loyalty with Apple as a smart user of Apple’s Macs, iPhone, iPads and iPod touches.

Thanks Mackeeper for posting this very motivating infographic for Apple users which fully makes a distinction between an Apple users and an Apple fan with a point based system. Just answer the questions provided in the ?  “How Apple Are You?” infographic honestly to see where you fall ……are you a 25% Apple or a 100% Apple?

No ways to escape from short 16-questions to test your degree of loyalty with Apple, however, a few quarries asked by the Applers are more than “absurd” in nature.


Don’t forget to share your scores with your Facebook and Twitter buddies to tell them how Apple are you in your living style.

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