Apple to Introduce its New Smaller SIM Card for iPhone 5!

By on March 21, 2012

According to a latest report from the Financial Times; Cupertino based Apple is still working dedicatedly on introducing its own smaller SIM cards for next generation iPhones (next iPhone 5) to put its competitors’ head down in smartphone market. The company is willing to push its new smaller SIM card standard proposal through Europe’s standards body, ETSI. The Financial Times also reports that Apple’s own version of the Smaller SIM Card would require a “drawer” to protect it, just like the designs already featured in the iPhone and iPad.

micro_sim cards
Back in 2011, it was reported that Apple was going to introduce its own SIM cards that would be smaller than the existing ones being used in the iPhone and iPad. The company, then, submitted a proposal too for its own standardized SIM Card design allowing Apple to build thinnest iOS devices.
Apple rival companies including Motorola, RIM, and Nokia are already pushing their own standards for these “nano-SIM” cards.

Micro-Sims are already common in the latest generation of smart devices, such as Apple’s iPhone 4S and Nokia’s Lumia. The nano-Sim is thinner and about a third smaller than the micro-Sim, and would allow more space for other functions.

Reportedly, Apple is supposed to be already backed by “most of the European operators”. Moreover, Apple has allegedly taken some conflict-ridden steps for getting more votes in the final decision on proposals next week.

The major protest in this concern was filed by Nokia that was based on the use of “drawer” by Apple to protect the nano-SIM as we experience on the iPhone 4S and iPad, that lets its users to draw the SIM from the side of the device.

Via: Engadget

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