Apple Introduces “iTunes Match” Dedicated Page with a Walkthrough Video!

By on December 27, 2011

iTunes Match is Apple’s another highly well known service but still most of the techies are unaware of its workability, functionality and the full details to use it without any difficulty. Apple knows the issues related to its “iTunes Match Service” so to help its customers Apple comes forward with a dedicated page about iTunes Match with a walkthrough video in which the company precisely details each and every point about iTunes Match to explore exactly what it provides and how it works over the holiday weekend. No doubt, it is a very kind move by Apple for its fans and for those who want to know about “iTunes Match” and “iCloud” services recently launched by Apple.



The new iTunes Match page not only includes a couple of paragraphs describing the service, as did the brief blurb on the iCloud page that used to cover the topic, but also includes a simple four-step procedure for getting started matching your library and a 10 question FAQ featuring most of the things I’ve been asked by confused family and friends about the service. This includes whether or not iTunes Match streams or downloads a track (it can do either on a computer running iTunes; it does both simultaneously on an iOS device; it only streams on Apple TV) and what happens if you don’t renew your subscription (downloaded songs on any devices remain yours, cloud access is gone).

Apple also provides an iTunes Match walkthrough video tutoring exact instructions for how to get and subscribe to iTunes Match on your Mac, and how to turn it on your iOS 5 device and Apple TV too.

This “ITunes Match” dedicated page is worthy enough to learn all about ” iCloud” &  “iTunes Match” ….just read it right now.

Via: GigaOm

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