Apple’s iOS 5 Battery Life and General Stability Issues-An Initial Overview!

By on June 12, 2011

Apple has recently pushed out its new iOS 5 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices, though it is in Beta version for developers only. The two primary but major questions which are frequently asked for any new OS from its users are always about the impact of it on Battery Life and General Stability of the new OS, as well. This post is dedicated to only these two important aspects of new iOS 5.

iOS 5 Features

iOS 5 Battery Life:

Battery Life is a core and key issue for all users of iOS devices especially for the folks who have an iPhone. Apple got a very good level of battery Life with the debut of iPhone 4 but it gradually declined with Apple’s series of Operating Systems one by one, and not is again at a critical level especially when running on iOS 4.1 or later versions.

iOS 5 Battery Life

Recently release developer version of iOS 5 Beta1 seems to follow the same trend of decline in battery life of iOS devices especially while running on iPhone 4. It is reported that iOS 5 Beat 1 has notably reduced the battery life of an iPhone 4 as compared to previous iOS 4.3.3 version. It may be due to some very new features that Apple has corporate in its new iOS 5 firmware  such as Centre shall, WiFi syncing, automatic downloading and due to continued use of iCloud in the background to synchronize the Apple devices, especially.

As we know that still iOS 5 is in Beta version and we hope that Apple would essentially resolve this reduced battery life issue until it pushes out the final version of iOS 5. At this stage, we can only say that iOS 5 Beta1 version significantly reduces the battery life of iOS devices.

iOS 5 General Stability:

Now come to general stability of the new iOS 5 Beta 1; at present it is fairly stable.  If we make a true comparison of new iOS 5 Beta 1 with the first beta of iOS 4, released by Apple over a year ago, the firmware 5.0 beta 1 is much more stable, and runs smoothly, seamlessly and precisely. However, as it occurs with all new OS, iOS 5 developer version contains some minor bugs that would be removed by Apple on the release of final version of iOS 5 for all Applers.

iPhone-iOS 5 General Stability

If you have a developer version of iOS 5, you can install and run it safely on your device and can use it as a fervor and frequent OS to run all normal features just like the previous iOS 4.3.3 firmware. The new iOS 5 Beta1 is quite stable OS as reported so far.

Via: iPhoneItalia

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