Apple to Launch iOS 5 Installed iPhone 4S (N94) until Mid-October: No iPhone 5 this Year!

By on September 12, 2011


Research analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is a well familiar name to the folks who have interest in new tech studies and information. Kuo has just reported that Apple is set to push out Golden Master (GM) version of iOS 5 to its iPhone and iPod touch assembling partners during the week of September 23-30.It points out that Apple’s next generation iPhone 4S would be released around mid-October and Apple is providing enough time to its assemblers for installing iOS 5 on new hardware-iPhone 4S. So be ready to catch iOS 5 installed iPhone 4S (N94) until mid-October, no iPhone 5 expected this year unfortunately.

The most interesting aspect of the piece of information provided by Kuo is the absence of any evidence figuring towards a completely redesigned, revamped iPhone 5 in the Apple supply chain.

Kuo’s sources are describing a “N94” iPhone that is also known as “iPhone 4S” in tech arena, instead of iPhone 5 arrival.

Kuo also reports that Apple is planning for 30 million units of its new device through the end of this year.

Sprint-iPhone 5

Apple is also expected to produce a lot of additional 5 million units of the current iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS models during transitional stage to new iPhone 4S.

Kuo’s report is much disturbing for the folks expecting a completely redesigned iPhone 5 model- a thinner, lighter world’s first dual SIM world phone equipped with Telluride A5 processor,8-meagapixel rear facing camera and of course with enhanced screen resolution.

Also, some tech gurus are seeing N94 (iPhone 4S) as an Apple’s trap to keep the original iPhone 5 much secretive and well caged until its release.

But Kuo is amazingly not convinced for these speculations and his sources inside Apple supply chain are quite ignorant to any device labeled as iPhone 5.

The major features of N94 iPhone, as described by our eminent researcher Kuo, are;

512 MB of RAM: This is to be expected, as the next iPhone should be using the same A5 chip found in the iPad 2, which does in fact offer 512 MB of RAM.
Camera module height “almost same” as in iPhone 4: Camera thickness is the major limiting factor for overall device thickness, meaning that the next iPhone is not likely to be significantly thinner than the iPhone 4. Sony is said to have started shipping camera sensors to Apple’s manufacturers back in July, with OmniVision coming online to assist in September or October.
3.5-inch display: A number of rumors have claimed that Apple will be using a larger display for the new iPhone, but Kuo’s sources indicate the screen will be the same size as that found in the iPhone 4.
Glass front and back: Although not 100% confident on this item, Kuo’s sources suggest that Apple will continue to utilize the same basic design of the iPhone 4, with glass on both the front and back of the device.
Manufacturing shares: Foxconn is scheduled to handle 85% of the production load for the new iPhone, with Pegatron taking the remaining 15%. As previously noted, Pegatron will be a bit slower to ramp up production, and will primarily be supplying Apple’s Asia-Pacific markets.

Finally a few words for next generation iPod touch under the light of Kuo’s predictions. Kuo’s is seeing a well enhanced and improved iPod touch 5G as compared to existing fourth-generation model. The most prominent change that Apple is going to bring for us is the availability of iPod touch 5G in White Color too. It is expected that Apple would go with the production of new black and white iPhone and iPod touch models in the ratio of 60:40 respectively. However, a fully revamped iPod touch might be expected in 2012.

Via: Macrumors

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