Apple to Have its Own Maps: iOS 5 Reveals Apple Maps

By on June 23, 2011

Apple’s iOS 5 beta1 version is in the hands of developers for preview. On exploring the hidden features of iOS 5’s operating system’s legal disclaimers (via Preferences > General > About > Legal), it has been found evidently that iOS 5 gathers a new section consisting to references of several mapping companies, such as TomTom which clearly points out that Apple is going to build its own Maps instead of depending upon Google Maps, in near future.

Apple Maps-iOS 5

Initially, iOS devices were introduced with online services relied on Google, such as the built-in Maps App, an extansion of google Maps only. When Google introduced its own OS named Android,Apple was trying since than to push its own Maps rather to being dependent on Google- the one and only true cometitor in smartphones OSs.

As per new legal documents, Apple is planning to develop its own Mapping service with the help of various mapping companies like  CoreLogicIncrement P Corp and Urban Mapping. Out of these services Urban Mapping seems exceptional since it also offers in-depth local data such as crime rates and even school performance, admirably.

Apple several job listings made over the last few years also provide solid evidences that Apple is stepping towards building its own Maps. The most related example in this concern is Apple job listings made in December 2010 in which Apple was looking to hire the experts with “Experience developing navigation software” and “Deep knowledge of Computational Geometry or Graph Theory” …..that simply reads Apple Maps!

This comes quite as a surprise, since Eric Schmidt had recently alleged that Apple has agreed to renew its agreement to remain using Google Maps on iOS devices:

We just renewed our Map and Search agreements with Apple, and we hope those continue for a long time.

How Apple Maps would be different from Google Maps services? We have to wait and see but hopefully Apple would bring some major drastic changes in mapping capabilities as Apple is more innovative than our thoughts. Apple Maps would be another test case for Cupertino Company to break the dominance of Google online mapping services which are quite richer and handier than any other mapping firm , at present.

Via: Macrumors

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