Apple Now Rejects iOS Apps for Using UDID (Unique Device Identifier)!

By on March 25, 2012

Apple has strictly warned it developers on iOS 5 release that in future the company would disapprove all those iOS apps which were designed using UDIDs because of implementation of new privacy policy. Now Apple starts rejecting iOS apps for the use of a unique device identifier generally known as the UDID. A number of developers are now reporting that their Apps had been disapproved by Apple due to the usage of UDID in recent days. It means that Apple has begun to follow its new privacy policy strictly and is going to implement it wih full force in the upcoming months.

UDID-Apple iOS devices

As obvious by the abbreviation of the UDID, it is a unique identifier which is attached to the hardware of every iOS device and can’t be changed by the owner of the device.
However, the abrupt denial of approving iOS apps by Apple has annoyed many developers at this stage.

“Everyone’s scrambling to get something into place,” said Victor Rubba, chief executive of Fluik, a Canadian developer that makes games like Office Jerk and Plumber Crack. “We’re trying to be proactive and we’ve already moved to an alternative scheme.” Rubba said he isn’t sending any updates until he sees how the situation shakes out in the next few days.

Why Apple is discouraging the use of UDIDs for apps development? It is because of the immense criticism over Apple’s privacy policy and location tracking systems which has pressurized the company to strictly abhor iOS apps using UDIDs. These UDIDs provide a simple way to Apple and its developers to track and monitor the activities of users against the U.S. privacy rules and regulations. Though these UDIDs are not specifically used to identify the users, yet these can be used for evaluating the activities and interests of users with sharing of UDIDs across ad networks and apps.

via: Tech Crunch


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