Apple Retail Stores Replace iMacs with iPads on Kids’ Table!

By on April 27, 2012

iMore reports, iPads have taken the place of iMacs on the kids’ table at Apple  retail stores. This change hints to the company’s mind set for promoting iPads as the best alternates of computers and iMacs and it starts with the young generation for adopting iPads as the most perfect computing device.

new kids table-Apple Store
The kids’ table is company’s delicious offer in all of the Apple Retail Stores since the opening of first retail store about ten years ago.

The original kids’ tables were adored with CRT iMacs and the children were offered black balls (the famous settee from the Baleri Italia Company) to sit down and enjoy games on iMacs.

As we all know that Apple loves simplicity and typically doesn’t spares massive pretty bucks especially on its retail stores but these black balls settees cost more than $500 each.

Apple updates its iMacs year-by-year introducing newer models but it is the first time Apple has replaced iMacs with iPads at its retail stores though on Kid’s table. Moreover, in the latest Apple’s financial results for Q2 2012, iMacs showed poorest performance in terms of sales.

old kids table-Apple Store-1

Image Courtesy: Flickr/Ralph and Jenny

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