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By on November 24, 2011

A latest research note from Jeffries analyst Peter Misek reads; Apple rival companies are already scrambling to react over the Apple iTV plans for entering in television market with a revolutionary TV set. Also, they are not trying to introduce any innovation in their own TV sets; rather, they are just trying to seek what Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is cooking for TV market in a shape of a revolutionary iTV set. It should be noted that an iTV was a dream of  RIP Steve Jobs.

Apple TV Set-iTV

“Based on our discussions, interestingly other TV manufacturers have begun a scrambling search to identify what iTV will be and do,” says Misek. “They hope to avoid the fate of other industries and manufacturers who were caught flat footed by Apple.”

Misek also notes that competitors are focused to know about Apple requirements for iTV set as Sharp is busy for retooling an LCD production line to meet Apple’s needs, and the mass production of such LCDs is expected up till February 2012. It hints that Apple iTV might be launched sometimes in May-June next year. Notably, the erlier report describe that Apple’s new TV set “iTV” will be announced by late 2012 and would be available on stores by early 2013.

Besides Apple’s plans, Misek predicts that the competitors will roughly be 06 to 12 months behind with their own new TV models, providing Apple a considerable advantage in the marketplace if it is truly going to a blockbusting new TV set-iTV.

Sony looks more vigilant to battle Apple in TV market and is ready to face Apple’s potentially epic entry into the market. The company has a “4-Dimensional Aggressive Policy” for developing and designing of brand new models of TVs, computers, tablets, and phones and has invested millions of bucks to introduce exclusive Web-based television services that would allow users to cut off their relation with cable providers.

Apple has dipped his head into in television market with its Apple TV set-top box and TV content available through the iTunes Store, but now the company is seriously determined to launch actual television sets fully equipped with Siri functionality that is the most beautiful and well admired feature of its latest iPhone 4S model.

Apple is also engaged in developing of entirely new video streaming technology based on its cloud based service “iCloud” for offering “Most Popular TV” shows, though top labels and content providers have yet to taken on board for introducing such services.

Via: AllThingsD 

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