Apple to Bring Automatic App Syncing in ITunes in iOS 5: iTunes Shows Automatic Download for Apps

By on June 4, 2011

Apple has previously clued a new feature of iOS 5; Automatic App Syncing in iTunes. The latest reports  reveal that now any iOS devices can be enabled for Automatic Download to grab both paid apps and updates directly, without connecting to iTunes. This most wanted feature was amazingly missing in Apple’s latest iOS 4.3.

Automatic App Syncying in iTunes!

The feature doesn’t equate to over-the-air updates to the firmware itself, which would let users keep iOS devices independent of a computer. It does support Apple moving towards OTA upgrading and would still catch up to some platforms. At least some HTC Android devices can automatically get apps on a new device, for example.

The site also points out that Apple making cross-device sync a staple feature of not just iOS 5 but devices interacting with it. Apple has recently tests its new Time Capsules with iOS updatie caching and some tech grues are suggesting that it would keep an update reachable without needing a PC.

Via: Electronista

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