Apple to Introduce Speech Recognition in iOS 5! Trying to Deal with Nuance?

By on May 7, 2011

Apple’s iOS 5 is due and the tech folks are expecting some brand new features in the next Apple’s iOS 5.Here comes another news about iOS 5 by Tech Crunch; Apple is going to introduce speech recognition in its upcoming iOS 5 operating system for its iOS devices-iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and for this purpose Apple is in touch with Nuance Communications. In Fact! Nuance is the firm behind the Dragon NaturallySpeaking engine that is already being used in various applications for iOS, Mac OS X and other platforms!

Apple-Siri-Naunce-Speech Recognition-IOS 5

The report also reads that Nuance’s engine has already been incorporated for driving Siri’s softwares developed for personal assistance. If you remember guys! Siri is the same firm just acquired by apple last year. We have already informed you about Apple’s plans to introduce Siri’s artificial intelligence and voice control capabilities into its upcoming iOS 5 which would be released in near future.

Some reports suggest that Apple would like to acquire Nuance, a company with $6 billion market capitalization. However, Nuance is not interested in this deal so far. Therefore, no results were deduced as an outcome of the negotiations between Nuance and Apple in this regard.

Apple has been negotiating a deal with Nuance in recent months, we’ve heard from multiple sources. What does that mean? Well, it could mean an acquisition, but that is looking fairly unlikely at this point, we hear. More likely, it means a partnership that will be vital to both companies and could shape the future of iOS.

The other option is for Apple to build the technology themselves. And some recent job postings suggest they may be thinking about that. But to get to where Nuance is today it would take a long, long time. Perhaps more importantly, it’s well known in the industry that Nuance holds key patents for their technology and is very aggressive in protecting them. Even Apple would have a hard time dancing around this if they did go it alone.

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