Applers Have Downloaded 350,000 Textbooks within 03 Days of iBooks 2 Debut!

By on January 23, 2012

According to a new research note from Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry; Apple fans have already downloaded approx. 350,000 iBooks Textbooks from the iBookstore over the first three days of iBooks 2 debut along with more than 90,000 downloads of Apple’s iBooks Author app from the Mac App Store.



If those numbers are accurate, Apple’s textbook effort would seem to be off to a good start. Which is good news for everyone involved — particularly textbook publishers, who stand to make more money on books sold through iBooks than those sold at retail.

At present, Apple presents only eight iBooks Textbook titles, however, on seeing a bombastic popularity of iBooks 2 textbooks project, Apple and publishers are now digging out the ways to earn enormous profit from the new digital textbook market. At present, it is totally unobvious B just how many of those 350,000 downloads were paid ones, as 7/8 titles have Apple’s maximum $14.99 price tag while the 8th one, E.O. Wilson’s Life on Earth, is available for free which presents only the first two chapters of the book.

We think that the free interactive textbook of Biology would have the significant share out of 350,000 downloads since most of the folks especially students and teachers would be keenly testing the magic of Apple’s newly launched iBooks 2 application for iPad devices.

Paid titles also offer free samples, and Chowdhry’s report doesn’t mention whether these are also included in “downloads” numbers by his tracking technique.

Via: AllThingsD