Apple’s New Celebrity iPhone 4S Ads Scoring Well but Samsung Galaxy Note Ad Still Ahead!

By on April 28, 2012

Ace Metrix reveals; though Apple’s new celebrity iPhone 4S ads featuring Zooey Deschanel and Samuel L. Jacksonare scoring well and being very much liked by the viewers but still a Samsung’s Galaxy Note ad “The Best of Phone and Tablet” out-scores it. The site notes that Apple’s New Celebrity iPhone 4S Ads were found most effective TV ads for the week ending April 20, facing two new Samsung Galaxy Note ads aired the same week. These ads have gotten Ace Scores of 653 and 645, respectively, and were recognized as Apple’s most successful iPhone ads so far this year, but Samsung’s “The Best of Phone and Tablet” Galaxy Note ad still doing best by beating iPhone 4S ads with a score of , 686 and shines as Best Ace Metrix Q1 2012 Ad.

Apple new iPhone 4S TV Ads


“Apple’s ads for iPhone had been falling rather flat earlier in the year, all scoring below the Apple iPhone norm of 620. This new creative tack that uses likeable celebrities struck a chord with American viewers,” said Peter Daboll, CEO of Ace Metrix. “These ads performed very well, especially with younger women, who did not react as strongly to Apple’s more feature-focused ads from earlier in the year. Celebrity ads are risky, as many celebrities can be polarizing. In these latest ads, Apple has chosen wisely, using celebrities with broad appeal.”

Here is the list of top mobile phone ads by Ace Metrix for 2012 so far;


Interestingly enough, Samsung has been involved in airing TV ads targeting directly Apple and its fans by poking fun at their choice. However, Apple never tried to respond such kind of ads in the same language and style, the company succeeded to focus itself;f only on their own products rather than targeting its rivals’ products directly just like Samsung.

Here’re the 3 top scorer ads as per Ace Matrix break down;

1- Samsung Galaxy Note – Meet the Note:

2- Apple iPhone 4S Ad  Featuring Zooey Deschanel: Rainy Day

3-  Apple iPhone 4S Featuring Samuel L. Jackson: Date Night

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