Apple’s Share Price Now Tops Google’s!

By on April 6, 2012

We informed you timely that “If You Want to Be Billionaire, Buy Apple Shares” …and now the time has proven that we were quite right in our prediction. And today, Apple share prices topped Google’s for the first time in its history. Tech analysts and market experts are expecting that Apple share price will exceed to $1000 per share value within next three years and the worth of the company will also surpass to $01 trillion in the upcoming few years. At present, Apple has the worth of $590.8 billion that is about 3 times than Google’s worth of $205.6 billion.


If you have enough money to invest, buying Apple shares is the most favorable and profitable option for you.

Notably, today, Apple shares became more expansive than Google’s as those ended the day at $633.68 while Google shares acquired the value of $632.32 per share, slightly lagging behind Apple ones.

Apple Google Shares

Apple is now worth $590.8 billion, nearly three times Google’s worth of $205.6 billion.

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