How Much Cash Apple Has in Its Pockets? [Infographic]

By on January 28, 2012

Apple is world’s largest smartphone vendor  as well as the world’s most valuable company operating from the Cupertino (California) USA with $97 billion in its pockets. How its co-founder and former CEO RIP Steve Jobs succeeded to turn a mini $1500 company into a huge global tech giant… is a long story to describe.

What would you do with $97 billion in cash? While we may never know, Apple is currently pondering that question. This graphic explores some unique comparisons to put the world’s most valuable public company into perspective. Perhaps more money doesn’t necessarily mean more problems.

However, here’s an infographic created by the MBA Online which shows the company’s growth in terms of its cash; Apple has so many bucks in its pocket those would be quite enough to pay off the total public debts of eight countries within the EU.

Apple is also richer than the USA government, and its liquidity has already exceeded to the U.S. operating balanve.


Apple Cash

You can also check out the chart embedded below to know how fast Apple cash reserves are flourishing with a matchless business growth;

Apple Cash

Via: Mashable