China Welcomes iPhone 4S: Long Lines of Chinese Noted in Beijing! Availability & Pricing

By on January 12, 2012

Chinese are also big fans of Apple’s products especially iPhone is their ultimate choice. Well ahead of iPhone 4S release in China, long line of Chinese have been noted in Beijing where iPhone lovers are gathered to put a hand on n latest iPhone 4S with Siri like cute and efficient personal assistant, as reported Tech in Asia.


Apple's Xidan Joy City store in Beijing

The site notes that hundreds of Chinese have begun to line up in hundreds meters long lines at Apple’s five retail stores in China, 12 hours ahead of iPhone 4S release in the country.

At the two stores in Beijing, and the three in Shanghai, there are clearly lines stretching hundreds of meters, with reports of hundreds of queuers at each, snaking around city blocks (see more photos below). Most stores have a ticketing system to deter queue-jumpers, but that won’t stop the ‘scalpers’ who buy the phones to resell later at a profit.

China Unicom is partnering with Apple for starting selling iPhone 4S in the country online at 12:01 AM. Apple is surely offering already unlocked iPhone 4S for Chinese to garb the world’s biggest smartphone market.  The pricing set for iPhone 4S in China is: $790, $932, $1,074 for the three capacities of unlocked iPhone 4S models respectively.

apple_store_pudong_iphone_4s (1)

Apple's Pudong store in Shanghai

Moreover, China Unicom is offering free iPhone 4S with some fixed rate plans and contract lengths for the folks agreed to sign up a contract with the company.

Via: Macrumors

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