Color for iPhone and Android Will Get Major Update to Fix Loneliness Issue! Color Assures

By on March 25, 2011

Color for iPhone and Android is quite a healthy app that allows you to take photos and videos with other people who have Androids or iPhones within 150 ft to craft a group album. Color app fills colors in your memorable pictures and videos and is designed for parties, play dates, and lunch type gatherings.

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You get their photos, they get yours; you can also share any album with your Twitter and Facebook buddies via this photo sharing app. No doubt, Color is a social networking app for your devices.

Color was splashed on App Store yesterday by Color and it had got a substantial popularity in no time. Now just after its debut, it is going to have a major update in near future to fix Loneliness issue.

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CNET introduces the superb photo sharing Color App in its following appraisal;

What do you get when you mix toget

her a killer domain name, a founder who sold his last company to Apple, a philosophy that borders on “Minority Report”-li

ke futurism, and $41 million in venture funding?

What do you get when you mix together a killer domain name, a founder who sold his last company to Apple, a philosophy that borders on “Minority Report”-like futurism, and $41 million in venture funding?

In Color, photos taken through the app are shared through proximity, something which amasses a list of your contacts through machine learning; in effect, you’ll be able to see all photos around you that were taken with Color. You’ll be able to see the Color photos of the guy sitting two tables away from you at Starbucks, but when he finishes his caramel macchiato and leaves the coffee shop, you can’t see them anymore. But if you spend a lot of time in proximity to someone–an office-mate, for example–that person’s photos will gradually begin to stay in your contacts list for longer. It’s an “elastic network,” Nguyen calls it. “The whole goal is to say hello.”

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Color is smiling at number two position at App store in Social networking category and has won an overall rank of 26 among thousands of free apps. Though it is an innovative app with an amazing idea of sharing your photos with world through its lively software, yet it has been generally criticized by its users when they find themselves all alone when no friend exists in nearby region. It means that color becomes off color creating a weak users experience when you are experiencing loneliness.

Mashable recent report reads that Bill Nguyen (the developer of Color app) and his team is working its best for introducing an update for Color to fix loneliness issue along with some other handy features.

Mashable report reads;

In order to get value out of Color someone else has to be nearby using the app. “Otherwise it’s going to make no sense,” he told me. So the app will feature two major changes when the next update ships: you won’t be able to use the app if nobody is nearby, and Color will be changing the distance required for somebody to be considered nearby.

The first change is a pretty significant one; if you launch the app in the middle of nowhere, you’re essentially going to be locked out. This is designed to prevent you from opening the app and simply having nothing to do or see.

The second update should prevent that scenario from occurring too often. Nguyen says the app will dynamically calculate the distance required for somebody to be considered “nearby.” Currently, the app searches for anybody within 150 feet of your location. That number will not be a constant any longer: “We’re going to start adjusting that range based on the density of cities,” he says.

You can download this fantastic photo sharing Color app for free from Apple’s App Store for your iPhone, iPad and from Android Market to enjoy Color on Android devices.

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