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By on July 8, 2011

While surfing the web, the Cookies are most divisive part of your web visits. Actually, these are those tiny files that are stored on your computers, tracking what sites you visit – generally to build up a picture of our choices in for serving germane advertising. Though these are most important part of publisher business boosting activities, yet it is your utmost right to know, at least, who is tracking you on the web by keeping record of the sites you have just visited.


For knowing about the web spies tracking your web visits Collusion is a supreme Firefox extension that maps out the cookies used by each website you visit. To have a try, keep Collusion open in one browser window and visit a few sites in another, you would see some new nodes have pop out on the screen as new cookies are discovered. The nodes in red color are the confirmed trackers.

You should make it clear that these trackers do nothing except remembering your login details or website settings. Even some trackers, who have a brief record of your behavior and taste, only are for your help by serving up relevant ads to the stuff you visit a lot of time.

Still, it would be much better for you to understand the exact role of these naughty cookies, which they play on your computer when you are visiting various sites on the web. Collusion is the ultimate application for knowing all about cookies in a simple and almost self-explanatory way.

Yet, Collusion is only available for Firefox but being an open source application, we expect that it would be soon available to other web browsers.

Via: The Next web

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