Download iTunes 11 Right Now: Apple [Windows & Mac]

By on November 29, 2012

As we earlier reported that Apple is going to release new iTunes 11 within next few hours, now Apple announces to download iTunes 11 update right now. The new iTunes 11 is extremely improved version of Apple desktop media player / content hub. Initially, iTunes 11 was to come with iPhone 5 or iPad mini release but it delayed due to some engineering issues. Notably, it is a lighter version that provides a new look to App Store and iTunes itself.


Apple has truly release the redesigned and advanced version of iTunes that is the eleventh of its kind so dubbed as iTunes 11. Despite precise improvements to the products themselves, and although the iTunes App Store offers a huge storage of content, locating and navigating the content isn’t as better as was expected. Both iTunes and the iTunes Store offers a new UI but is just alike we have in iOS 6.

iTunes 11-Apple

Both Windows and Mac users can download iTunes 11 right now by just heading on to Apple’s official site for iTunes or you can catch it through the Software Update within iTunes- a preferred option for most of iTunes fans.


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