Download SynchroCam App for Capturing 3D Photos with iPhone, iPad,iPod touch

By on May 13, 2012

No doubt, 3D is the future of photography and mobile cameras. Folks are getting crazy to generate their own 3D content either in the form of 3D photos or 3D videos. But at the moment, the cameras capable of capturing 3D content are quite expansive and are out of the reach of many users of iOS devices. Thanks to SynchroCam iOS app 3D which allows capturing 3D photos right now. But there is an interesting point still to explain; it requires two iOS users to take 3D photos just like ‘GIF images’.

SynchroCam App-iOS devices

Actually, with the help of SynchroCam app, you can take almost 3D like images instead of pure 3Ds but still it brings you one step ahead of capturing dull and plan 2D photos you have been taking for the decades.

For working of SynchroCam 3D app, you would essentially require two iOS devices instead of one, in other words you would have two iPhones, two iPads or two iPod touches to view objects through various angles and spots at different resolutions. Though you can use both devices of different models but to take enjoyable 3D photos you should use two identical devices.

SynchroCam App-iOS devices-1

SynchroCam app for capturing 3D photos on iOS devices have gathered a mixed response so far, Some of its users believe that it is really a fantastic app which provides highly admirable 3D images while some of its users say that it is nothing except a futile app.

But we recommend you to try it for at least once….. as it is a FREE app and just requires a few minutes for downloading and installing it on your devices. So if you find it a useless app even then your pockets would not lose any bucks.

SynchroCam App-iOS devices-2

In recent days, 3D has made its spot in every device related to visual pleasure; 3D TVs are now making their place in the TV lounges and bed rooms of the young generation with quite an amazing pace. Moreover, Sony and Microsoft are close to bring 3D gaming with their next generation consoles and it seems quite realistic to push out 3D cameras with smartphones for capturing an extra dimension to make a photo more magical with all of its details.

You can Download SynchroCam for iPhone from iTunes for free right now.

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