The USA President Barack Obama is a Top Class Singer Too! Al Green

By on January 22, 2012

The USA President Barack Obama is also a big fan of music and likes Al Green albums. It seems Mr. President wants to spend his remaining Post-White House life as a singer. He recently showed his vocal skills at fundraiser at Harlem’s legendary Apollo Theater by singing a line from Al Green’s popular song “Let’s Stay Together” to amuse the audience. His vocal quality was so nice that it stunned all attendees at the fundraiser.


In response to Obama’s attempt to copy Al Green, R&B singer Al Green reportedly endorsed President Obama’s performance on his song “Let’s Stay Together.”

He admired Mr. President by telling TMZ on Friday; “He nailed it,”

Al Green also told the site that he was stunned by the wonderful vocal snippet from Mr. President and was highly thankful to him on mentioning his name.

Here’s the video showing how pleasantly Obama’s voice can do a magic while singing a nice song;


Obama is really interested in singing as he knows that he is a great vocalist. He has also sung  Lady Gaga‘s “Born This Way”…..Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure;