Electree+: Solar Powered Bonsai Tree Can Charge your iPhone 5 for Nine Times [Video]

By on December 2, 2012

The awesome concept of a solar powered bonsai tree with an ability of charging your iPhone 5 for nine times has made its place on Kickstarter. The project is dubbed as “Electree+: Part Sculpture, Part Appliance” which is meant for charging mobile devices including iOS and android powered handsets.


The Electree+ is designed to “challenge… preconceptions about the role of artwork by dissolving the barrier between aesthetic and pragmatic”

The Electree+ actually harvests solar energy through its 27 high-quality amorphous-silicon square solar panels, each 3.7 inches wide.

The energy gathered from sun is stored in a 14,000mAh internal battery which can recharge an iPhone5 over nine times, a Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone seven times, or an iPad 2 twice, without requiring light exposure on a single charge.


For delivering power, the Electree+ uses two USB ports, or an optional Qi wireless charging matt well-workable with most modern phones, and adaptable to work with iPhones via a Qi-enabled cover.

You can also upgrade the baseplate of the Electree+ with a 1K Near Field Communications (NFC) chip, allowing the users to activate a custom action on their device, like enabling WiFi or entering dock mode.

Electree+ fully charges with about 36 hours of sunlight exposure, though only exposing in sunlight for 04 hrs it becomes able to charge the average smartphone.

Nate Wearin, Will Stone and Vivien Muller are the genius minds behind this Electree+ Project on Kickstarter to rise funds. They need $200,000 (£125,000) to shape the amazing concept of Electree+ into reality. Notably, they have currenly collected $22,112 from 108 backers while still 34 days reaming for closing the project.

According to the creators of Electree+ Solar Bonsai Tree; this  tree  would prove a chic and trendygadget-charging hub for the home or the office with a beautiful décor strength.


The solar tree for charging iOS and android devices will come with multiple colors besides the white one but color options will be decided by the backers of the Electree+ project. Muller took this concept in 2008 and after a hard work of four long years for design, research and development of Electree+, now they have put it on Kickstarter to collect necessary funds for making it available as a pure electronic  accessory for smartphones and tablets.

Muller explains about the design of the electree+;

“Nature has selected over millions of years the most efficient structures to capture solar energy. The tree’s shape is thus the best means to take advantage of solar energy. While studying fractals, I realised that one could draw a tree by repeating and transforming a basic pattern.”

The project also features the echo-friendly and green energy which is also renewable that can make us undependable of  energy gathered from fossil fuels, like coal and gas.


The Kickstarter page of Electree+  Project states;

“The sun bathes our planet with more energy in one hour than we consume in a year. In fact, the amount of solar energy reaching Earth’s surface every year is twice as much as will ever be obtained from all of the Earth’s non-renewable resources (of coal, oil, natural gas, and mined uranium) combined (citing Stanford figures).

We hope you will help us spur a movement to design beautiful yet practical products that invent and promote new applications & uses for renewable energy.”

The Electree+ Kickstarter asks the backers to provide sufficient funds for launching the first lot of 1,000 Electree+ units for the users of iOS devices, Android handsets, and other mobile devices.


Electree+ will be manufactured in the US, and if sufficient  funds are provided on time, the device will be available to all Kickstarter bakers in May next year.

Via: Digitalspy

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