Enable Facebook Video Calling in Safari, Firefox, Chrome on Mac OS X Lion? [How to]

By on July 9, 2011

Yesterday, Facebook exclusively launched their Skype-powered video calling service. This new feature equally works on all major versions of Mac and Windows (while Linux is not supported yet). Also, it doesn’t work on Mac OS X Lion. Here,we would help you by telling how to enable Facebook Video Calling in working mode on Apple’s latest version of OS X Lion.

Facebook-Skype Video Calling

As you know that apple has pushed the Golden Master Version of its Mac OS X Lion a week ago and it is available for download on Mac Dev Center. Since it is for developers preview and not available for the general public yet, Facebook also doesn’t support it. However, here is still a way to have Skype Video chat working with Mac OS X Lion.

Actually, the way is based upon a tweak that simply deceives Facebook’s algorithm by putting it into a mode in which it considers that you’re on a compatible operating system like Snow Leopard or Windows 7. For this purpose you would have to just change your browser’s user-agent:


If you’re using latest version of Safari on OS X Lion; go to System Preferences > Advanced and enable developer menu. You will now see a new option on the menu bar titled “Develop”, just click on it. Finally, click on User Agent > Safari 5.1 – Mac. And it is all!


Firefox grabs a lot of handy Plugins, therefore enabling Facebook video chat with Firefox on a system running OS X Lion is not hard enough, just fool Facebook by installing the User-Agent Switcher plugin from here and switch to Internet Explorer 8 from Tools, right now.

Google Chrome:

Chrome is much similar to Firefox as per a massive collection of active Plugins; just install the User-Agent Switcher plugin from here. Once you installed the plugin, click on its icon near the address bar and, finally, click on Internet Explorer 8, accordingly.

Don’t forget to go to facebook.com/videocalling and Get Started! Enjoy a new experience of Skype video chatting in Facebook.

For the folks working with Opera on Lion or other comparatively less popular web browser can also make the similar kind of trickery. Just search for “how to change user-agent on <your browser name>” on Google to get things working!

Facebook’s Skype-powered in-browser video chatting looks a solid answer of Google+’s Hangouts feature. With 750 million users and Skype like well tested and reliable video calling services +Hangouts seems almost dim.

Via: Best Techie

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