Facebook Hidden Folder Controversy: Facebook Hides Your Messages in a Hidden Folder!

By on December 11, 2011

Facebook’s fogged privacy policy is one of the key factors for that this popular social network is criticized much more than other social sites and it is a particular feature for which Facebook finds itself in the hell of controversies periodically but regularly. Facebook Hidden Folder controversy is the latest one in this regard. Facebook hides some of your incoming messages in a hidden folder…..why? This is a “Big” mark of question that creates controversy and makes Facebook a non-transparent social site that is unsecure for carrying out social activates. Let’s have a look on the whole matter…just after a little jump.


This issue was first highlighted by Mashable’s Zoe Fox, which focuses on how Facebook handles some of its Facebook Messages.

If you are signed in your Facebook account, just click on your Facebook Messages link under the “Favorites” section smiling on the left, there would be a list of your messages. If you have a deep look over that list on the left though, you’ll find a new “Other” option has been added. Clicking that will present a new list of messages – messages which Facebook has hidden without your prior permission.


Probably, these hidden messages might be from the brands you have Liked, or messages from folks who are not friends of you on Facebook. It is just a guess but who knows about Facebook’s intention to put these messages in this hidden folder?

It might also be a Gmail-like spam filter – but it has been enabled automatically by Facebook authorities without your consent and…..it is the point where controversy shapes. You might miss a number of useful messages without your intention …………….the messages which were put in the hidden folder “Other”, the folder you may never know if this post isn’t read by you.

Techies describe that Facebook started this all perhaps around May or June, but the main point is why Facebook begin to drop our messages in this new “Other” section without any announcement and users’ permission.

So folks! It is all about the latest Facebook hidden folder controversy. We personally feel that there is something absolutely wrong in Facebook’s privacy policy and we all should make our voices loud to convey our reservations to Zuckerberg’s, if he is alive and vigilant to make his social network a site where folks do their social activities without any fear of “hidden” features.

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