Facebook Hires iPhone & Sony Hacker Geohot (George Hotz) as Mobile Developer! Facebook Confirms

By on June 28, 2011

Geohot (George Hotz) is one of the pioneers who started jailbreak/hacks. He has two big credits in his jailbreak career; he is the first one who unlocked Apple’s original iPhone and also the first one who jailbreaked  Sony’s  PS 3. Though he had to face a lot of troubles on doing later jailbreak since Sony filed a lawsuit against him in the court and he hadn’t enough money to defend himself. Then both Sony and Geohot agreed to do a settlement outside the court, after which Geohot remained quiet for some period. Then the news came that Geohot is working at Facebook and he has given up his all jailbreak activities forever. Now Facebook confirmed that the previous news was true and Facebook has hired Geohot services as mobile developer.


As we have earlier posted that Geohot (George Hotz) has begun working at Facebook on May 9th, though both Geohot and Facebook didn’t disclose this big deal by mutual understanding for some hidden purposes. Many of us believed that Geohot is working at Facebook for their mobile prospectus as Geohot has been a great mobile developer and hacker before joining Facebook.

Then some consecutive news came from Craig Fox (organizer of the iOS hacking-related MyGreatFest conference) & @p0sixninja (while attending a LIVE stream on Vizboxtv yesterday). Gabe Rivera, founder of the tech news site Techmeme also hinted out the new job of Geohot at Facebook. Both sources confirmed that Geohot had given up jailbreak activities for ever and Facebook has hired him for its next great project that had been keeping secret for some reasons. It may be “Project Spartan” too, a new mobile platform to compete Apple in mobile market.

Now Facebook confirms that the company has hired Geohot without mentioning his responsibilities or designation in the company. We believe that the rumors mentioning Geohot as a mobile developer for Facebook have some solid footings, while some tech giants are suggesting that Geohot works as an iPad App developer. Notably, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s had earlier commented “iPad isn’t mobile”.

We think that Geohot is the very right person for Facebook as mobile apps developer and as a manager for Facebook security issues since he has entire knowledge and skills to discover the loopholes incorporated by the companies in their firmwares. In spite of all if and buts, Facebook has hired a very skilled and talented person “Geohot” on the basis of “Right Man for Right Job”.

Vi: ReadWriteWeb

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