Facebook New Innovative Comment Editing System: How to Edit Comments on Your Facebook Page

By on March 20, 2011

Facebook is an incomparable social site now a day; and it is due to endless massive efforts of its technical folks behind it. They are innovative and always apply their skills to improve and enhance the sociality of their site-Facebook and keep on bring positive changes to make Facebook more attractive, more striking  with users friendly interface and applications. So the Facebook subscribers are not only much satisfied with their services but they also enjoy the bits of technology and its changing dimensions.

Facebook-New Comments Editing System

Recently, Facebook introduced a new feature with a secret spell in the commenting system and if you notice now there is no submit comment button to submit your comments. Now you will have to press “Enter” key for submitting your comments. What is the spell in this new way to submit comments? Yeah! You are allowed to edit the comments once they are submitted now. You can do so by tapping “X” button smiling at the right corner of your comment box. In other words ,the “X” button lets you to edit your comments if the comment is not older than one minute or there is no comment by else other after your comment. If any one of the said constraints exceeds, your comment has been locked and now the “X” button acts to delete your comment only.

Facebook Introduces Comment Editing System

Interestingly, the edited comment would also be notified to all your buddies who have earlier commented or liked your post on your Facebook Page.

Via: Switched


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