Facebook “Project Spartan”: A New Mobile Platform “Project Spartan” to Compete Apple!

By on June 16, 2011

“Project Spartan”! What a unique name for Facebook upcoming new mobile platform. Facebook is the most favorite social platform available on the web. To cash this extreme popularity and acceptance from web junkies, Facebook just decided to introduce its own mobile platform that’s early code name is”Project Spartan” to compete Apple in this mobile services. As TechCrunch reports; Facebook plans a new platform by the code name of “Project Spartan” to compete Apple in ever expanding mobile market of billion dollars.

Facebook-Project Spartan-New Mobile Paltform

The site report reads that Project Spartan seems to be the codename of a new mobile platform for which Facebook is planning keenly. The new Facebook mobile platform would entirely be an HTML5 based with an ability to search about 100 million users in a key place: mobile. In other words, the Project Spartan’s initial target is both shocking and breathtaking: mobile Safari.

The site also reveals that Facebook has strong ambitions to break strong hold of Apple on mobile app distribution for which Facebook has already hired a team of 80 top class developers for its new mobile platform “Project Spartan” to create apps that range from news readers to games as per early reports Zynga and Huffington Post are included in the wide list of those developers. More interestingly, Facebook new mobile platform “Project Spartan” is expected within a few weeks to cool your minds and to win your hearts.

TechCrunch defines Facebook Project Spartan with following wordings;

Imagine loading up the mobile web version of Facebook and finding a drop-down for a new type of app. Clicking on one of the apps loads it (from whatever server it’s on depending on the app-maker), and immediately a Facebook wrapper is brought in to surround the app. This wrapper will give the app some basic Facebook functionality, as well as the ability to use key Facebook elements — like Credits.

We think Facebook wants to cash its popularity and by launching a its own mobile platform, that’s code name is “Project Spartan” so far, Facebook would provide a new app stream to its 700 million users  worldwide to untie the Apple strong grip through its App Store.

Finally the code name of Project Spartan seems to be inspired by the great thriller and blockbuster “300 Spartans” -who fought bravely against a Persian army of limitless size till the last breath of their life; It is a strong caution for Apple that Facebook’s Spartans (Developers) would compete Apple till death.

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