First Mockup of Apple’s New iOS 6 Maps App with 3D Mapping Solution

By on May 29, 2012

Apple was continuously in efforts to get rid of Google’s Map and had been working on its own mapping solution for many years. The company acquired mapping firm C3 Technologies in this regard and now majority of tech sources confirming that Apple is going to introduce its own 3D Maps app in iOS 6 firmware coming in this summer by pushing Google’s Map aside from its platform.

ios_6_maps_first mockup

Now BGR has exclusively revealed the first mockup of Apple’s new iOS 6 Maps app with 3D mapping solution in the form of photos those are based on their own reliable sources.

As per mockup revealed by the site, the app includes a new redesigned user interface with an entirely new navigation bar and amazingly the bar is of silver color instead of blue. It seems Apple is also shifting from traditional blue colored navigation bar aligned with the standard blue iOS color scheme for its new Maps app and adopting a silver color theme in iOS 6 like on the iPad.

The iPhone version of Maps has a floating locate me button (it sounds very similar to Android’s Google Maps app) in the bottom left corner. To access 3D mode, which will make use of Apple’s C3 Technologies acquisition, you have to peel back the lower right corner of Maps just like the current version and enable 3D mode. Once enabled, you can switch in and out of 3D mode by tapping a 3D icon in the lower left corner. A photo of this feature can be seen in our gallery.

According to the sources inside Apple, the company is now in the process of giving finishing touches on its 3D mapping solutions, and it testing Maps app in build 10A3XX of iOS 6.

The image embedded above is a mock up based on information through the sources about what Maps will look like, and it includes portions of Apple’s genuine refreshed Maps app taken from photos obtained by BGR.

You can view the photos of new iOS 6 3D Maps App  given in the gallery below;


Via: BGR

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