Foxconn to Open Up a New Plant for Apple Products in Brazil [Report]

By on March 20, 2011

Redebomdia of Brazil reports that Foxconn is seriously planning to open up a new plant for manufacturing of Apple Products in Jundiai – a city in Sao Palo, Brazil. It is alos interesting that Foxconn has already been running two full fledge plants in Jundiai for the production of HP and Sony mobile parts. If the report is correct, it would be its third plant in Jundiai which would be completed at the end of 2013, possibly.


The report also reads that Foxconn is ready to invest millions of dollars for the said plant to produce the parts used in Apple’s product line. Though the source of the report is not known yet since the translation reads only “studies”, perhaps it points out towards research or some internal source.

Apple & Foxconn currently have joined in a joint venture, the manufacturing plants running in China. However Apple straightly declined to do any comment on the report.


A Brazilian billionaire Eike Batista had already offered Apple to invest 1.6 billion dollars to open up an Apple manufacturing plant in Brazil, last year. Though his offer is out of the context of the news about Foxconn’s plant in Brazil, yet it hints that many investors have been encouraging Apple to set up some plants outside of China.

Via: 9t05mac

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