Free WordJelly Siri Server: Now Port Siri on Your iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPod Touch with FaceTime &Twitter Integration

By on May 6, 2012

Siri- the best voice reconditioning software so far is the exclusive feature of iPhone 4S that has show its magic to the world for last seven months.  This personal assistant has performed some incredible skills to arrest the minds of techies who believe in innovative, creative and value added devices. Just after the release of iPhone 4S, the jailbreakers and developers tried their best to port Siri on other devices especially old generation iPhones, iPads and iPod touches. We have also seen a number of useful Siri hacks in which Siri works beyond its capabilities of just a voice reconditioning system.

Siri-iPhone 4S

Majority of the  users of old generation iOS devices are well satisfied with porting Siri on their devices through a very amazing jailbreak tool Spire which was released by a talented jailbreaker and developer Grant Paul (aka Chpwn). However, the main drawback of this tool is that it requires access to a deliberately set up proxy server, and most of its owners charge monthly fees to connect to it.  Though it is cheaper than buying an iPhone 4S yet it requires some pretty bucks.

To avoid from spending bucks on using Siri servers, WordJelly Siri server is a very nice effort by young developer Rotastrain to bring Siri access to all users of iOS devices. WordJelly also accounts for world’s most advanced Siri servers with Facebook and Twitter integration as well as it can be used for accessing to financial information ( via Stocks App) and emails………incorporating some more functions those aren’t the part of original Siri software. And the most attractive aspect of WordJelly  Siri Server is its availability without any cost…..that means you can use this totally free of charge just like chpwn’s Spire tweak.

Not only the above features, it also includes the support for native apps like the Music, Notes Reminders and SMS apps right out of the box. WordJelly server is also attuned with the popular AssistantExtensions application that is widely used and available within Cydia.

We hope this totally free WordJelly server will be very useful for non-iPhone 4S users and will bring Siri functionalities to iPhone 4, iPad 2 and iPod touch owners without any mess.


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