‘G-Male and Siri: A Love Story’: Apple’s Siri Gets Married with Google’s ‘G-Male’

By on April 15, 2012

“G-Male and Siri: A Love Story’” another interesting video posted by Comediva after his viral hit G-Male, ….G-Male was quite a fun fetching video in which the concept was given about how Google’s mail version can be treated as a perfect boyfriend. On the other hand, we have already posted a number of iPhone 4’s Siri hacks and mind blowing videos about use of Siri beyond imaginations. Now, you would discover what would happen if two most popular applications fall in love with each other ….an interesting episode to watch and amuse.

G Male and Siri

What happens when our two favorite intelligent devices fall in love? With appearances from Blackberry, Yahoo, AOL, and more, all we can say is — it’s epic.

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