Galactic Dilemma: ‘Pillars of Creation’ Were Demolished Years Ago When Photographed by NASA!

By on February 13, 2012

The year was 1995, when a photo taken by NASA‘s Hubble Space presenting a set of four light year-tall-columns located at the distance of 7000 light years from our earth (in the Eagle Nebula) came on the tech surfaces to blow the minds of the world with its absolute freshness and supreme uniqueness. It was entirely an amazingly striking photo beyond our thoughts so was given the name of the “Pillars of Creation”.  But to blow your minds to extreme limits, the next big revelation is more than shocking……yeah, actually these pillars have no existence….? What a dilemma has arrest us in its net of striking wonders….Let’s have a deeper look into these astonishing “Pillars of Creation”.

Pillars of Craetion-NASA

Pillars of Creation as captured by Hubble in 1995

In fact, when the photos of these pillars were taken by NASA‘s Hubble in 1995, these were not present there, and the hands of some vital forces have destroyed them over 1000 years ago when these were captured in the NASA telescope-Hubble.

Naturally, we have our own concepts about Time and Existence and when we look at the objects we believe that all these objects exist there as the part of the time at which we observe them. Especially when any Unidentified Foreign Object (UFO) or something like this comes into our vision we trust that it is the core reality, it is the fixed object and it is the solid proof of the existence of this object on the basis of our previous knowledge and definition of Time and Existence. In this perceptive, every natural landscape in the galaxies and our outer space looks like a shape of mountain, river, trees or even pillars as in the case being discussed here but actually God almighty knows the absolute truth and the core reality related to these images which are caught in the eyes of the humans through powerful telescopes and cameras.

Similarly our concept and perception about Time is quite misleading and nothing more than a self created illusion asking us to believe that we and our universe is the center of everything.

Pillars of Craetion-NASA-2

A Close Look - Pillars of Creation

The objects smiling in the frame of cosmic world also change their positions and are not stationary ones just like our individual lives in which every event chases the next one even in a millionth part of a second.  The same has happened to the Pillar of Creations since 2007, just within the few years when they were first observed it was revealed that in fact these huge pillars didn’t exist anymore.

Pillars of Craetion-NASA-1

Eagle Nebula, captured by the Spitzer telescope in 2007. On the left of that image you can see the supernova that destroyed them, surrounded by a red glow.

For your goodness surprise, it should be worthy to know that the Pillars of Creation were smashed and crashed away by a supernova….and it all happened 6,000 years ago. Now with our modern telescopes, we can observe that the supernova moving forward, inexorable, destroying everything which comes in contact with it. It is the most considerable and highly thoughtful point to be marked; the shockwave has not touched the Pillars of Creation yet and that’s why our sense of vision compels us to believe that they are still smiling there.

Within next 1000 years, a hell of a show will happen; the shockwave strike the Pillars of Creation and, as they were constructed, they will be demolished once again, obliterated by the vigor of a lifeless star, (but there is still a grand twist) except that whole event really happened a very long time ago.

It is quite logical; we all know the fact that light from the space strikes on our earth after covering the huge distance of thousands of light years so when it reaches to us the event has happened even countless years ago. So an event which seems to be happening in the space now has actually happened many years ago beyond our thoughts; depending on the distance how far it is to our earth. When we look up to the sky in the night, the stars and other objects which we observe actually exist in the past seconds, minutes, years, centuries and millennia away from us.

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