Geohot Arrested for Marijuana Possession while Coming to SXSW-Indianapolis!

By on March 15, 2012

Above the Law just reports that Geohot (George Hotz) , the a famous hacker in jailbreak community for his amazing discoveries of exploits in Apple’s iOS and Sony’s PlayStation, was arrested and charged with committing crime for marijuana possession while traveling to SXSW-Indianapolis.



Hotz was on his way to give a talk at SXSW, when he had to pass through a border patrol checkpoint in Sierra Blanca. According to a source familiar with the case, Department of Homeland Security officers brought drug dogs to each car. When the dogs barked, Hotz (and his passengers) were pulled over for more searching.

Interestingly, Geohot occupies a legal medical marijuana license in California, his native state, according to the source. The report reveals that Geohot had about 0.25 oz. of marijuana in his car’s glove box along with chocolates equivalent to less than 0.125 oz. of the drug.

The site also reports that the local sheriff took the entire weight of the chocolate as the measure of container, estimating it at $800 instead of the actual $15 Geohot paid for it. So Geohot was arrested for committing a crime and send for $1,500 bail.

Interestingly, a lawyer comments that the search may have breach the Fourth Amendment. Since Geohot’s car was actually only stopped on barking of sniffing dogs. It seems that only purpose of the roadblock was to ensure for blocking narcotics imports which are strictly prohibited in Indianapolis.

Via: Above the Law

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