George Clooney Could Play the Role of Steve Jobs in Sony’s Biopic!

By on November 19, 2011

We have earlier reported that Sony is set to picture the work and life of Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs to pay a tribute to the tech legend of our age. All film critics and lovers were keenly waiting for the cast of this biopic especially they were curious to know who will play the role of Steve Jobs in Sony’s movie “iSteve”.

iSteve- Sony Film-Steve Jobs

Now interesting news comes from The Sun, reading that George Clooney, a globally famous 50 years old outclass actor, is also a strong candidate for playing the role of Steve Jobs in Sony’s biopic.

Noah Wyle, 40, who has already portrayed Steve Jobs in a very popular TV film “The Pirates of Silicon Valley”, is also in run with Clooney to get the Steve Jobs’ role in Sony’s “iSteve” Movie.

iSteve- Sony Film-Steve Jobs.1

Interestingly enough, Noah Wyle is also an ER co-star of George Clooney and now he is battling for the role of Steve Jobs who died at the age of 56 with pancreatic cancer, last month.

Also, Ashton Kutcher would be the best choice for the role of young Steve Jobs in Sony’s upcoming biopic.


Sony is also reportedly engaged in dialogs with the writer Aoron Sorkin to pen the screen play of  “iSteve”, notably Sorkin is the same personality who got a worldwide popularity as a writer of “Social Network”- a film based on Facebook and its founder Mark Zuckerberg.

The Sun also reveals that Sony would start its movie on Steve Jobs’ bio “iSteve” next year.

Via: The Sun

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