Google Can Track Your Home Addresses via your PC, iPhone, iPad, Mac & Android Devices

By on June 16, 2011

Privacy Concerns really matter and nobody wants to be tracked while working on their devices. Apple iPhone Location Tracking Issue is one of the recent examples in this regard; Apple & Google had to face the hearings conducted by the US senate committee to answer whether they are involved in the breach of Privacy and Security Protocols or not. Just after this issue, CNet today reveals that Google is tracking its users through their device addresses while working on their PC, iPhone,iPad, Mac or Android. Not only tracking alone, Google is also making them searchable, entirely against the personal privacy and security protections.

Maps-on-iPad-2-Google Tracking Issue

All those companies who provide any kind of location/Spot mapping services to their users (like Google, Apple and Microsoft) have ability to track your device addresses as long as your device remains connected to a Wi-Fi network. These individual device addresses are called MAC addresses; these addresses vary from device to device capable to connect to a Wi-Fi network similar to your finger prints but dissimilar to IP addresses since Mac Addresses are embedded to the hardware itself.


All Android sets locate whole evident MAC addresses on wireless networks nearby and sends the entire data back to Google. Though address tracking on Android is much enough for the folks who are much concerned with their privacy and security of private data, Google has made those MAC addresses completely searchable on its Maps service allowing the location of users to be searched. It is very inauspicious and dangerous as per users’ privacy rights and it shakes them all by disclosing that their whole private data is entirely insecure and risky as their location/home addresses might be theft by hackers, as in case of Sony hacking in recent past.

We collect the publicly broadcast MAC addresses of Wi-Fi access points. If a user has enabled wireless tethering on a mobile device, that device becomes a Wi-Fi access point, so the MAC address of such an access point may also be included in the database. Wi-Fi access points that move frequently are not useful for our location database and we take various steps to try to discard them.

This is really a very dangerous situation for the users who used to engage themselves with World Wide Web through Google and its services. If their MAC addresses are being tracked and becoming searchable, they would easily become the victims of ill-minded criminals who can easily get their home addresses through hacking.


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