Hackers Sold the Last Jailbreak Tool ‘Evasi0n’ to Apple for $250000: Miller Says, i0n1c Disagrees

By on March 22, 2013

A German blog heise.de just presents many eye popping aspects about iOS jailbreaking and claims by citing a security expert and developer Charlie Miller that evasi0n could be the last jailbreak tool ever released to iOS users. He amazingly guessed that hackers have gone indulged in selling exploits and jailbreak tools to Apple instead of issuing those for general public. Here’s what the site has noted in this concern (through Google Translation).


Jailbreaking is the one and only way to eliminate Apple’s restrictions it puts on users of iOS devices; you can install only the apps available at iTunes App Store, third party apps (just like apps at Cydia) are strictly not allowed to run on your iOS devices.

Apple have been playing the game of cat-and-mouse with hackers who are desirous to install and run not officially approved software on their iPhones/iPads. But most of security experts believe that Jailbreaking is going to be killed soon.

The game between Apple and hackers follow almost such sort of pattern; Apple releases a new version of its mobile operating system-iOS, hackers discover new vulnerability in iOS, develop appropriate jailbreak software and within a few days or weeks Apple issues an iOS update that patches this jailbreak tool…..that’s all.

The same happened to evasi0n jailbreak that was released in early February by a team of hackers called “Evad3rs”to jailbreak iOS 6.x untethered on iPhone 5.   But now a new iOS 6.3.1 update issued yesterday has patched this jailbreak tool as per usual game plan.

But the game could not just because of Apple’s rapid counter-measures come to an abrupt end. The need for a jailbreak vulnerabilities interested for some time also groups of people who program advanced data pests to monitor other people or industrial espionage can operate. They have it in particular to so-called Zero Day Flaws aside, not even errors in the iOS operating system so that Apple knows.

The newly-created ”malware Industrial Complex” changed the scene.Experts who know the market for Zero Day Flaws think that iPhone gaps become so expensive that it is much more attractive to sell them simply, instead of worrying about the next jailbreak method.

Notably, a well reliable security researcher Charlie Miller  believes that evasi0n would prove the last jailbreak tool ever released for iOS devices.  He listed 05 top reasons for his prediction famous for various iPhone hacks said that the appearance of evasi0n that the jailbreak including Apple’s extremely polished  security measures  and market development at Zero Day Flaws. Most amazingly, hackers would made a deal with Apple to sell their jailbreak exploits and tools to the company for up to $ 250,000 .

Kevin Mahaffey, founder and chief technology officer of mobile security firm Lookout believes even up to $ 500,000 for a major jailbreak tool, he told Technology Review. Though Evad3rs introduced a donate button on their website jailbreak, but they fail to get as much money as they were expecting from the installers of evasi0n on their devices.

Business with Zero Day Flaws is a dark, according to prices as reported by Mahaffey and Miller only understandable when one has the right connections. But Apple’s work on the safety of the iOS operating system makes it more likely that the costs rise in the future – not least because the complexity increases. In fact, already evasi0n a true masterpiece of the art of programming , as observers say.

Moreover, Zero Day Flaws are extremely significant for mobile devices, because many people ignore the potential dangers caused by exploits in a software especially Apple’s competitor Android is more vulnerable and insecure than iOS.

In short, evasi0n may prove the last major public jailbreak for iOS as earning bucks are more important than anything else.

However, Stefan Esser (aka i0n1c), who has been also blamed for selling iOS exploits to Apple, disagrees with Miller and the contents of this report;


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